Injecting Game Theory into Brexit

As Brexit runs havoc around the country, having already swallowed two Prime Ministers and looking hungry for a third, we injected game theory into this labyrinth in hopes that it might shed some light into this perplexing puzzle playing out in front of us.  The Nash Equilibrium, named after Nobel Laureate John Nash who spoke... Continue Reading →

America’s STEM Shortage I: Hardline immigration policy is challenging the future of international students

In the first of a 3 part series, WES investigates how hardline immigration policy is challenging the future of international students in the US and the potential consequences of this shift in policy on the nation's long-term STEM innovation. The United States’  ability to attract the best and brightest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and... Continue Reading →

America’s STEM shortage III: How can Skilled Immigration Reform propel technological progress?

As the US makes it harder for universities to attract foreign students, other countries are working to enroll more of them; this could be detrimental to the nation’s long-term innovation, start-up investment, and output-capacity.   Evidence that the US is losing its luster to competitors comes from comparative changes in international student numbers. Although the U.S.... Continue Reading →

America’s STEM shortage II: Why High-Skilled Immigrants are Vital for Innovation

Mounting visa problems and other obstacles are making it harder for talented students and skilled workers to enter the US, depriving the nation of the brainpower required to succeed in a fast-moving world built upon collaborative technological progress.  Challenging conventional wisdom Critical to embracing immigration reform is challenging the conventional notion that skilled-immigration unfairly increases... Continue Reading →

An Addicted Nation: How can data-driven policies transform the U.S. opioid epidemic?

On the 26th of August, for its part in driving Oklahoma's spiralling opioid-epidemic, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay $572 million in a court-ruling against the pharma-conglomerate. The case follows similar trials against several major pharmaceutical-firms accused of aggressively marketing opioids as low-risk solutions whilst undermining their high potential for addiction, including Teva Pharmaceuticals and OxyContin-maker... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong Protests: Danger, Democracy, and Disillusionment in the Far East

On Sunday, 18th August,  1.7 million people gathered in Hong Kong’s second-largest pro-democracy march, defying a police ban and increasingly sinister warnings from the Chinese Central government. The demonstration, the latest in a series of protests which have gripped the island region, was initially sparked in June 2019 by a widely controversial extradition-bill which would empower... Continue Reading →

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