WES Exclusive: The European Neighbourhood Council (ENC) on the Japanese Oil Tanker Attack and its consequences for Europe

On June 13th, a Japanese tanker was attacked off the Gulf of Oman, provoking accusations by the US of Iranian culpability. Numerous conflicting reports have cast doubt on the US’s accusations and ignited uncertainty of how Europe should best respond to prevent the situation escalating further. WES had the exclusive privilege of receiving comment on... Continue Reading →

The New European Tech Doctrine Part II: How Aggressive European Policy is reshaping the future of big-tech

In spite of criticism over excessive bureaucracy, the EU has undeniably taken the lead over the US in new regulation of big-tech; these ideas will significantly impact the future activities of Silicon Valley’s largest firms. Europe is an increasingly important source of technology revenue; Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and  Microsoft each reported a quarter of annual... Continue Reading →

WES Exclusive: Prof. Andrès Velasco on the South American Financial System, Venezuela’s economic crisis and more

With the spotlight constantly held on the biggest players in the American sphere it can be easy to overlook smaller South American nations with significant regional influence such as the state of Chile. This year the Warwick Economics Summit had the honour to welcome Professor Andrés Velasco, who has served as Finance Minister of Chile, and is today... Continue Reading →

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