Is Democracy Dying in the West?

Is Democracy Dying in the West? These were no doubt the thoughts echoed by many on viewing the results of the House of Representatives vote on Impeachment against President Trump. Faced with repeated constitutional violations, the Republican party was largely silent. Although both bills were able to pass the House, (230 vs 197 and 229... Continue Reading →

Is Universal Basic Income the future?

Martin Luther King, Richard Nixon and Eleanor Roosevelt are figures rarely discussed in the same breath. Yet they all shared one characteristic: support for a version of a concept now known as  Universal Basic Income (UBI). As it is still in the trial phase, defining what exactly UBI is, and how it should be implemented,... Continue Reading →

An Addicted Nation: How can data-driven policies transform the U.S. opioid epidemic?

On the 26th of August, for its part in driving Oklahoma's spiralling opioid-epidemic, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay $572 million in a court-ruling against the pharma-conglomerate. The case follows similar trials against several major pharmaceutical-firms accused of aggressively marketing opioids as low-risk solutions whilst undermining their high potential for addiction, including Teva Pharmaceuticals and OxyContin-maker... Continue Reading →

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