Women vs. Society

Woman. It is one simple word. A word that everyone knows. A word that describes roughly 50% of the world population. The Oxford English Dictionary defines a woman as: The female human being; the female part of the human race, the female sex. What one should note about the above definition is that none of... Continue Reading →

War and Peace – and Oil

2020 has started with a bang. Oil prices have had a turbulent week since the US launched an airstrike in Baghdad, killing Iranian general Qassem Soleimani. With escalating geopolitical tensions between the US and Iran, and factoring in the importance of the Middle East to global oil supply, it’s unsurprising that the price of the... Continue Reading →

Has the Eurozone failed the Euro?

“Europe is more than just the Euro,” words of Professor Otmar Issing, the former Chief Economist of the European Central Bank, father of the Euro (€), and a speaker at the Warwick Economics Summit 2020. The Euro is the official currency of the EU and any member states who adopt it become part of the... Continue Reading →

America’s STEM Shortage I: Hardline immigration policy is challenging the future of international students

In the first of a 3 part series, WES investigates how hardline immigration policy is challenging the future of international students in the US and the potential consequences of this shift in policy on the nation's long-term STEM innovation. The United States’  ability to attract the best and brightest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and... Continue Reading →

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