Women vs. Society

Woman. It is one simple word. A word that everyone knows. A word that describes roughly 50% of the world population. The Oxford English Dictionary defines a woman as: The female human being; the female part of the human race, the female sex. What one should note about the above definition is that none of... Continue Reading →

Is Universal Basic Income the future?

Martin Luther King, Richard Nixon and Eleanor Roosevelt are figures rarely discussed in the same breath. Yet they all shared one characteristic: support for a version of a concept now known as  Universal Basic Income (UBI). As it is still in the trial phase, defining what exactly UBI is, and how it should be implemented,... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong Protests: Danger, Democracy, and Disillusionment in the Far East

On Sunday, 18th August,  1.7 million people gathered in Hong Kong’s second-largest pro-democracy march, defying a police ban and increasingly sinister warnings from the Chinese Central government. The demonstration, the latest in a series of protests which have gripped the island region, was initially sparked in June 2019 by a widely controversial extradition-bill which would empower... Continue Reading →

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