My New Year resolution is… protest?


Over the last 70 years, Iran has seen Prime Minister Ali Razmara assassinated, the overthrowing of Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq, the exiling of its Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, fought in an 8-year war with Iraq, been declared an ‘axis of evil,’ had countless allegations of voting fraud and a myriad of protests and leadership rifts in between.  It is a country whose political history is so volatile and uncertain, that they may want to learn Theresa May’s ‘Strong and Stable’ slogan! Continue reading “My New Year resolution is… protest?”

Paradise Falls

We work, we pay taxes, and the rest of our disposable income is spent on bills, groceries and other normal goods. This is how we see society working, but nothing is ever that simple. Let’s change the story, to one where it is possible to retain most of the income you earn by paying less taxes – if any at all. Would you consider it, if I told you most of these schemes are legal? Would you still consider it if I told you that the UK loses approximately £16bn a year in tax avoidance – may be if I put it on a bus and mentioned the NHS you might! Continue reading “Paradise Falls”

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