Why the US’s feud with Huawei transcends security concerns

Huawei, the telecommunications company that promises to revolutionise connectivity, faces a powerful adversary in the form of the US. Founded in 1987, Huawei has become the dominant player in its field, outcompeting its European 5G rivals. The technology company is also a significant player in the smartphone industry, beating Apple in overall sales, thus jumping to second place and in the process separating the two smartphone giants; Apple and Samsung, for the first time in seven years. Huawei’s tenure as the dominant 5G provider has not been a comfortable one.

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The New European Tech Doctrine Part II: How Aggressive European Policy is reshaping the future of big-tech

In spite of criticism over excessive bureaucracy, the EU has undeniably taken the lead over the US in new regulation of big-tech; these ideas will significantly impact the future activities of Silicon Valley’s largest firms. Europe is an increasingly important source of technology revenue; Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and  Microsoft each reported a quarter of annual revenue from the continent in 2018. As the world’s largest single economic bloc, the standards of the EU are often copied as benchmarks for the developing world; hence European policy could have a knock-on effect on attitudes to big-tech globally.  European economic power is matched with tough restrictions on lobbying and unification of legal standards across multiple jurisdictions, helping the region take an objective and long-term perspective towards significant technology regulation. Continue reading “The New European Tech Doctrine Part II: How Aggressive European Policy is reshaping the future of big-tech”

Race to One Trillion: It’s an Amazonian Economy

This is the third part of our analysis of Amazon’s rise to 1 trillion. Today, we look at Amazon’s economic power and impact on jobs and wages.

When we talk about Amazon we do not just talk about the world’s largest online retailer or the rising star in Washington’s lobbying circles. Arguably, Amazon’s impact on job creation, investment and industry competition levels is even more important. The company’s size is large enough to change the personal lives of millions of people and the economic life of entire regions, if not entire countries. Continue reading “Race to One Trillion: It’s an Amazonian Economy”

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