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The Warwick Economics Summit is an ever evolving enterprise, which is now reaching its 18th year of fruition – to the extent where it is now one of the largest student-run academic conferences in Europe. From Nobel prize winners to world leaders, the conference acquires some of the most esteemed and inspirational speakers into one space for a truly exciting international forum.

This blog is run by the Communications Team within the Warwick Economics Summit Society. We will be posting relevant articles on a weekly basis, and will be keeping you updated on everything regarding the conference and other events that we hold all year round. We want this blog to provide a platform where anyone can openly discuss topical issues, so feel free to comment and and Join the Debate.

WES 2019 will be held on 1st-3rd February – DON’T FORGET TO BLOCK YOUR DATES! Watch this space and follow our other social media accounts for more information.

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